Why you should attend SearchLove 2012

SearchLoveIf you are feeling bummed out because you missed out on this year’s MozCon Conference (or if you DID attend and are now suffering withdrawal) do not dispair because Distilled’s SearchLove Boston conference is just around the corner:

Here are 3 reasons why you should be JUST AS EXCITED for the LinkLove conference as you were for the MozCon conference

1. Small and Intimate

The first MozCon conference I attended back in 2008 had less than 200 attendees with about 10 speakers.  This year’s MozCon conference had over 800 attendees with about 30 speakers. Don’t get me wrong — MozCon is still an unbelievable-cant-miss conference that provides awesome value — but it is starting to get “big”.  Instead of taking place in a university auditorium, MozCon now needs the largest conference rooms a hotel can muster.

The Distilled conferences are where MozCon was 5 years ago:  Same awesome content, but small and intimate with great opportunities for 1-on-1 time with the speakers  (See #3 below for more on this…).

2. MozCon DNA

SearchLove and LinkLove are built from the same DNA as MozCon:

  • Singe Track with Expert Speakers
  • Cutting Edge Content
  • “Give it up” sessions
  • Great food, snacks, and networking
  • Lot’s of TAGFEE thrown in.

So you can expect the same awesome at SearchLove/LinkLove as you experienced at MozCon. The only thing missing is Roger.

3. VIP Dinner

This is probably the best kept secret about SearchLove/LinkLove.

The VIP dinner is AWESOME!  Definitely the highlight of last April’s LinkLove conference for me. For $250, you get to have a small group dinner with all the Speakers.  When I first signed up for this (during this past April’s LinkLove Boston conference), I was a little skeptical about how good it would be — I pictured several large tables, with only one speaker per table, and having to “fight” with 10 other attendees for some voice share of the conversation.

REALITY: One big table with 10 speakers and 10 Attendees —  Pretty much a 1-on-1 ratio.  After a cocktail style meet & greet, I was happy and impressed to see my name placeholder between Will Critchlow and Rand Fishkin and across from Will Reynolds and Ross Hudgens. If you are looking to touch base with key mind-share leaders in the SEO industry, I’m not sure there is a better opportunity than this.

Tickets to the VIP dinner are obviously VERY limited, so get yours sooner not later.  The good news?  If you want to join in on the VIP supper, there are still 5 VIP tickets left! (as of this posting)

For the Foodies…

Check out my compilation of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Boston

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