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The Life Balancer App is No Longer available on the App Store, and is no longer supported

However, the source code is available under the MIT license. You can download the source code here:



3 thoughts on “Life Balancer Support”

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, I’ve discontinued this project.

      I have personally moved to a paper based calendar and task managing system. (See ) and have found that disconnecting from my phone allows me to ignore distractions and focus much better. And so, I have also started doing my weekly planning in a paper based format to avoid the distractions that come with the phone. Since I no longer use the app, I am no longer the best person to be maintaining and updating it.

      I have also removed the app from the app store for more legal reasons (the app was published under my Company’s account, and so was owned by the company instead of myself. If I republish the app, it will be under a personal account). So if you like the app, DO NOT DELETE IT FROM YOUR PHONE as you will not be able to re-download it.

      Finally, the source code for this app is free and available here:

      If you are a developer, or know a developer, or can hire a developer, they should be able to re-publish this onto the App Store themselves, and make any improvements you may want.

      Unfortunately, for myself, this app has stopped being a priority.

      Hope this helps, and I apologize for abandoning the app! 🙁



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