Shopify Cancelled Orders and Google Analytics

By default, when you cancel an order in Shopify, that transaction remains as positive revenue in your Google Analytics. To “cancel” the transaction in Google Analytics you have to send a negated version of the transaction. To do this in Shopify you have to create a Webhook on Order Cancelled that hits a script (located on … Continue reading

Reactive vs Proactive Language

“I NEED” vs “I WANT“ “I MUST” vs “I PREFER“ “I CAN’T” vs “I CHOOSE“ Most of us use “reactive” language in our day to day lives: “I CAN’T do that because I HAVE to do this“. The problem with using reactive language is that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy: Re-enforcing the belief that … Continue reading

Stewardship Delegation

The ability to effectively delegate is a valuable skill: Delegation enables you to devote more of your time to higher level important activities. “Stewardship” delegation is focused on results instead of methods (on the WHAT and not the HOW) and allows the individual to own the work and communicate progress and results at agreed upon … Continue reading

The Value of View Through Conversions

If you are running a Display or Retargeting campaign you have probably been exposed to View Through Conversions (VTC): View Through Conversions are conversions where a customer saw — but did not click — a display ad on the display network before completing a conversion. There is a lot of debate on if you should count View Through … Continue reading

The Slow-Carb Diet

This is a summary of the weigh-loss diet in the Tim Ferris‘ book: The Four Hour Body. I am NOT a nutritionist nor a doctor – Consult with a doctor before following anything mentioned here.   The Basics 1. Forbidden Foods — Do not eat No Liquid Calories No juice, pop, beer, alcohol, etc… No Sugar No … Continue reading

Creative XMas Presents to Delight Your Staff

Over the past few years, we’ve made it a tradition at Fresh Air Educators of giving unique Christmas gifts to our staff for the holidays (this is in addition to a great Christmas party and 2-3 additional days off between Christmas and New Year’s). Here is a run-down of some of the gifts we’ve given … Continue reading

The 4-Day Work Week

Last year my company Fresh Air Educators performed an HR experiment: We offered all our full time salaried employees the option to pick between 2 work schedules: Status quo: 5 days @ 7.5hrs at current pay 4-day work week: Work 20% less but take  a 10% pay cut (4 days @ 7.5hrs – Every friday … Continue reading

HAILO/Uber for Tow Trucks

(Note: There is a Tow Truck Finder app for iPhone, but it doesn’t locate actual tow trucks, only tow truck “offices”.  This idea is slightly different) Will locate the nearest available actual tow truck (not the tow truck office) Will “order” nearest tow truck with a click of a button. Charged directly to your credit … Continue reading