5 thoughts on “The Value of View Through Conversions

  1. Hey Alex,

    Great approach – I had the exact same idea which I googled.
    Your page was the first one to show up, which is why I landed here. 🙂

    My question regarding this method is: What do we do with people changing devices?

    I don’t know if your plan was just to see how large a share of the view through conversions actually was due to the ad and how much was due to exposing people who would convert anyways?

    I still believe that to see the full effect of the ad, we need to locate conversions that happens when people are exposed to an ad on one device and later converts on another device.

    What’s your thoughts on that if you have any? (I’m asking since I cannot come up with a solution myself)


    1. Hi Martin,

      The main goal for me was to figure out what share of the VTCs actually had an effect on conversions.

      I think to calculate the “full effect” of the ad is beyond me. But to calculate the impact across devices, one place to start would be to look at the “UserId” tracking feature is Google Universal Analytics in conjunction with the Display network support — you *theoretically* should be able to see ad views across multiple sessions and devices for a single user.

      I hope that helps (and I’d love to hear what you come up with)


    1. The actual ad used was not a blank ad but a PSA ad (Public Service Announcement for the SPCA I believe). The was all handled by our AdRoll rep, so I am not sure of the exact steps necessary to set this up manually in AdWords.


  2. Thanks Alex.This is an interesting split-testing result.I always had a doubt whether regretting helps in conversion.When people see the the targeting ads on reputable sites like Forbes,They tend to relive the brand is trustworthy.It leads to conversions i guess.How’d you got approved from adwords for a blank ad?


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